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Full-Service Lab in California

Get reliable saliva RT- PCR COVID-19 test results* in Roseville, California at CRC Labs. Book your appointment now.

*COVID-19 results have a turnaround time of 72 hours or less. 

How It Works

COVID-19 Testing

CRC Labs offers drive-thru for COVID-19 testing. For more information call us now at (916) 675-0343.

Tests are collected at our drive-up clinic. Participants will pull up to the outdoor tent, located in the back parking lot of 419 Oak Street in Roseville. Participants will remain in their vehicle for the duration of the test.

Lab Services in Placer County

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Genetic Tests
Results within 72 Hours or less*

We offer RT-PCR using saliva as sample
for Reliable and Convenient COVID-19 Testing

CRC Labs provide reliable PCR testing for COVID-19, using saliva as sample, making it painless and convenient.

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Get Tested

Drive-thru the back side parking lot of 419 Oak Street Roseville. Present an ID to confirm your identity and collect saliva in the sterile tube provided with a specially designed funnel for easy collection.

Lab Magic

Your sample will be sent to our partner lab and tested for the presence of COVID-19 virus through advanced PCR methods.

Get Results

Get results conveniently and securely from the Nexus patient portal.

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Want to know more about our COVID-19 and lab testing in Roseville, CA in Placer County? 

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To reach our lab in California, please make sure that you are using the correct address. Below is a preview of the map. Clicking on “Directions” will redirect you to get directions via Google Maps. A sign stands in front of the facility bearing our logo. If you are driving down Oak Street from the post office, make a left turn to Taylor Street. Make another left turn to reach our back parking lot before you reach the Roseville Public Library. 

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CRC Labs is a laboratory in California that offers COVID-19 testing & other laboratory services. We offer blood tests, drug testing, thyroid tests, heart health tests, food sensitivity testing, and more. Get in touch and book your appointment today!

Our Location

419 Oak Street, Roseville, California 95678