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Clinical Lab Services

Clinical laboratory services are the most cost-effective and least invasive sources of information used in clinical decision-making, and that is why it is important to receive high-quality testing like those provided at our clinical lab services in California.

Why Do I Need a Quality Lab?

How Clinical Lab Services Help

The information gained from lab visits enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to make the appropriate diagnostic or therapeutic decisions for their patients, that are based on the evidence presented through the administered tests. General lab tests are used as critical tools by helping healthcare providers gain a greater understanding of what is happening inside the body. The information gathered through California lab services can help confirm the cause of health concerns or rule out any potential diagnoses. 

According to the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Testing, clinical laboratory professionals are an indispensable partner in providing patient care and making direct improvements in the lives of patients, in the maintenance of the public’s health, and in the effectiveness of individual health care providers. Laboratory information has a profound impact on patient diagnosis, and with the continual technological improvements in testing, we are seeing quicker, more accurate, and reliable testing for patients. Some of these tests include genetic testing, drug testing, COVID-19 tests, COVID-19 antibody tests, and blood lab services for a multitude of different conditions.

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Reasons to Get Clinical Lab Tests Done

There are various reasons to opt for lab testing, which includes responding to health concerns or worsening symptoms that remain undiagnosed, as well as monitoring your health or tracking your condition for an overall wellness program. We provide a varying array of tests to serve each individual purpose/concern and to provide patients with an impactful, reliable diagnosis. We achieve this by producing accurate, specific information using new-age technologies to guide our clinical decision making. Our blood lab services’ testing models are used to guide the diagnostic process by providing accurate, timely information to each patient. This shortens the diagnosis and the length of stay and improves the use of lab services. More efficient testing means faster implementation of patient therapy, shorter length of stay, and lower overall cost of care to the patient. We believe our California lab services offer quick, effective, and accurate diagnosis for all of our patients. We pride ourselves in being the best blood lab services near you.

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Lab Services in Placer County

Our Services

Learn more about our trusted & reliable COVID-19 testing and our new lab services, coming soon to Placer County, California. We also offer blood tests that you can take at home.

Trusted Results

Our California Lab Services
in Placer County

CRC Labs offers lab services to those seeking different kinds of testing such as COVID-19 tests, genetic testing, blood tests, drug testing and more. At CRC Labs, we understand that over 70% of health care decisions are based on diagnostic test results, and we understand the importance in providing high quality, accurate and timely lab test results for each of our patients. 

CRC Labs now serves as a COVID-19 testing site in Roseville in Placer County, Northern California. We provide reliable PCR testing for COVID-19, using nasal as sample, making it painless and convenient. Our California lab services provide each patient with the support and information necessary to implement and manage their unique situation. 

We incorporate industry best practices into your testing solutions to ensure that you are receiving accurate and reliable results. This will help in improving your condition through providing the right information the first time around to save you both time and money. In accordance with the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Testing, the more efficient the testing protocol, leads to a shorter length of inpatient stay or outpatient. Implementation of therapy also happens faster, and the overall cost of care is lower. Our California lab services and blood lab test at home kits are here to provide you with the testing services you need.

Results within 72 Hours or less*

We offer PCR using nasal as sample
for Reliable and Convenient COVID-19 Testing

CRC Labs provide reliable PCR testing for COVID-19, using nasal as sample, making it painless and convenient.

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Change caption to: Drive-thru the back side parking lot of 419 Oak Street Roseville. Present an ID to confirm your identity and collect nasal in the sterile tube provided with a specially designed funnel for easy collection.

Lab Magic

Your sample will be sent to our partner lab and tested for the presence of COVID-19 virus through advanced PCR methods.

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Get results conveniently and securely from the Nexus patient portal.

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How to Sign Up for Our Sacramento Lab Services

Signing up for California Recovery Center laboratory services in Northern California is simple. Patients can schedule their testing services through our website by booking an online appointment, or patients can reach us directly at (916) 566-5856. For COVID-19 testing, we understand that patients will need test results in a timely manner, and we therefore offer several options for COVID testing on our website. Yes, unfortunately there are still COVID cases in California, and it is important to stay vigilant.

CRC Labs is a medical lab services provider and COVID-19 testing site near Sacramento, CA. We provide reliable PCR testing for COVID-19, using nasal as sample, making it painless and convenient. This is an excellent option for individuals, families, and groups planning to celebrate the holidays safely, and for those looking to travel on short notice. Reach out to us to schedule a test today. 

You can register to pick up an at-home testing kit for COVID-19 by using our website, or you can come to our facility for an in-office test by registering for the ‘COVID Saliva PCR Test (In Office). The results for the in office PCR test can be expedited if needed. If you aren’t comfortable coming into our office, we can set up a ‘Drive-Thru COVID Testing’ at our Roseville offices.

To reach our testing site, please make sure that you are using the correct address. Below is a preview of the map. Clicking on “Directions” will redirect you to get directions via Google Maps. A sign stands in front of the facility bearing our logo. If you are driving down Oak Street from the post office, make a left turn to Taylor Street. Make another left turn to reach our back parking lot before you reach the Roseville Public Library. 

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Get Results When You Need Them

CRC Labs's Clinical Services is Your Top Choice in California

Here at CRC Labs, we understand the importance of lab work. It helps physicians to make timely and evidence-based decisions that will result in changes of care management for their patients. Clinical laboratory services, like that of CRC Labs, provide the information required by a physician to start, adjust and also stop a course of treatment. These measures allow for physicians to come to accurate, results-driven conclusions that will provide patients with the most appropriate, cost-effective use of drugs and other therapies. It also allows physicians to provide patients with the appropriate level of care needed to better their condition. 

We believe in the use of new technologies that continue to improve the productivity levels of our laboratories, by fighting against new diseases and new disease strains that calls for more testing and more lab work than ever before. CRC Labs provides quick, safe and accurate testing that will help each patient with diagnosing their conditions. Our technicians and physicians are always working together to improve our testing services and ways to make our patients feel safe and monitored when entering our facilities.

As an essential service, California Recovery Center continues to provide diagnostic lab testing for COVID-19, genetic, blood lab services, drug testing and more! 

Our Location

419 Oak Street, Roseville, California 95678

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