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Custom Dietary Supplements

Technology continues to advance in a multitude of ways, and through these advancements has come innovation in science and health. Generic, drugstore supplements are becoming a thing of the past. Everyone has a unique makeup, and not everyone needs the same supplements or the same dosages. We are all different creatures – think about it. We are all unique in our nutrition, what we eat, our genetic makeup, our metabolisms, and our exposures. When it comes to supplements, it is all about finding the right formula, and that formula is not typically measured out perfectly and sitting on the drugstore shelves. This is why custom supplements are becoming very popular.

custom supplement manufacturer
custom supplement manufacturer
Why Take Custom Supplements?

Introduction to Custom Supplements

Through questionnaires, diet surveys, blood or urine samples, it is possible to get an idea of what supplement and how much of that supplement a person needs. This allows everyone to have a unique, customized experience when figuring out the supplements they should and should not be taking.

How this works is through taking a quiz generated by specialists, receiving a personalized recommendation based on your responses, and continuing to adjust your supplements as time goes on. It is important to keep up with your body, and sometimes after a few months of being deficient in a certain vitamin, you may not need the supplement anymore. No need to worry, though – a routine, tailored health plan is created for you to help you feel your best and establish a long-term plan for vitamin consumption. 

For example, if you are working long hours, exercise regularly to clear your mind, and need help with dry skin, the quiz will recommend ashwagandha for stress and collagen for hydrated skin. If you are a full-time mom and don’t always have time for self-care, the quiz may recommend probiotics for digestion, electrolytes for hydration, and protein for energy.

As you continue taking custom supplements, our team will help guide you through it. We will be transparent about the research we offer and how established it is. Supplements are not always perfect formulas, but the best way to decipher how they can help you is by listening to your body and understanding what it is telling you. Even though it may sound great to have more energy, if you already have a lot of natural energy, it may not be productive to cause an imbalance in something that is already functioning properly.

We also ensure to recommend supplement customization companies that offer the best possible ingredients that are transparent about the supply chain and where all the ingredients come from. It is important to know what you are putting in your body and understanding why you are putting it in your body.

What Our Services Provide

Why You Need Customizable Supplements

Everyone has different genetic makeups and different daily exposures. Additionally, without asking the right questions, it is difficult to understand what your body is lacking and what your body is sufficient in. Customizable supplements solve both of those problems. By taking a quiz that is tailored to understanding what your body needs, it will be more clear which supplements you’re currently lacking.

Taking supplements that your body does not need is not ideal. Your system is meant to operate a certain way, and maintaining a balance is essential to the way you function. Brain function, gut health, blood flow, heart health, etc. are all different and important things that your body looks at every day. If you are not sufficient in one of these areas, supplementing for that is extremely important. Maintaining a balanced ecosystem in your body is what will bring you to optimal health. A strong immune system is not created by eating twinkies, drinking loads of alcohol and sitting on the couch all day. Supplements can help your body regulate after giving it a hard time.  

Additionally, everyone is different. Taking a personalized quiz will provide you with different answers than the person next to you. The quiz is created by a team of scientists who know the right questions to ask and know how certain behaviors affect certain areas of the human body.

California Recovery Center Labs will provide you with the best custom supplement manufacturers that will help you establish a long-term supplement plan. When it comes to supplements, it is very possible to have too much of a good thing for your body, and therefore a customized supplement experience is really important.  You can trust our expert medical staff at CRC Labs to connect you with the best custom supplement manufacturer.

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Understanding Why Custom is Best

Benefits of Custom Supplements

Far too many people are consuming supplements blindly, based on no research other than hearing that something might be good for them. This can be dangerous and harmful to maintaining a balanced internal ecosystem. For example, women need certain supplements that men might not necessarily need, and supplements are not always advertised as gender-specific. To account for certain lifestyles based on gender, genetics, etc. personalized quizzes are important when determining which supplements you should be taking.  

When you take the time to work with your doctors, this will help you find the right formula for your body, and you will be better informed on the side effects and interactions you experience from taking supplements. Taking time to learn about supplements and what you are putting in your body will help protect you from unwanted side effects caused by mixing supplements and medications in ways that can be harmful. This is something not everyone knows or understands – we simply hear that vitamin C is good for the immune system and therefore should be taking more of it. This is not necessarily always true, and not everyone needs to be consuming vitamin c on a daily basis.

 CRC Labs offers insight into which supplements might be right for your body at the current moment, and we help connect you with the best platform to come up with a long-term health plan for your supplement intake. We also ensure that you are connected with the company that provides the healthiest products and a clear vision into their supply chain. Understanding the manufacturing behind what you are putting in your body will help you stay better informed and guided as you determine which supplements are for you.

custom supplement manufacturer
Trusted Supplements in California & Beyond

CRC Labs: The Best Custom Supplement Manufacturer

California Recovery Center Labs is located in Northern California. At CRC Labs, our expert medical staff has the best insight for our patients based on medical research. We believe that it is imperative to perform research and understand the technology behind what we may be offering to our patients, and the same certainly goes for custom supplement companies.

CRC Labs believes in new technologies that are continuing to improve the world of healthcare. We certainly lean into the new technological developments in the world of science. Our expert technicians and physicians are constantly learning and growing with the benefits that technology provides our team and our patients. 

Connecting you with the best custom supplement manufacturer is important to California Recovery Center’s approach to taking care of our patients. Individualized research and customizable systems that work with each person’s body differently is important to our staff, and through the research we have done, we will connect our patients with the best custom supplement manufacturer out there. If you or someone you know is lacking knowledge about their vitamin levels, we can also provide you with vitamin deficiency testing at our labs, or we could send you at-home testing kits to test for deficiencies from the comfort of your home.


Signing up to receive input from our experts at California Recovery Center laboratory services in Northern California is easy. Patients can schedule a meeting with our staff through our website by booking an online appointment, or patients can reach us directly at (916) 566-5856. We look forward to helping you today.

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