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Drug Testing

CRC Labs offers various different drug testing in Sacramento so you could gain a better understanding of your overall health, what you may need to do to improve your health, or if there is nothing you need to be doing to increase your health.

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Learn What Drug Testing Can Do For You

Introduction to Drug Testing

A drug test is used to look for the presence of one or more prescription or illegal drugs that may show up in urine, hair, nasal, or sweat. Drug screening is used to find out whether a person has taken or is taking specific drugs. Reasons someone would need to take a drug test include: 

  • Condition of your employment
  • As part of a police investigation
  • In order to participate in sports organizations
  • As a means to monitor your opioid usage after being prescribed ‘pain pills’ for chronic pain

If your healthcare provider notices symptoms of drug abuse, you may be ordered to take a drug test. Some symptoms that indicate drug abuse include agitation, slowed or slurred speech, dilated pupils, paranoia, panic, delirium, changes in heart rhythm and difficulty breathing. CRC Labs administers drug testing in Sacramento, California. Some of the drugs we test most often include opioids, amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, steroids, barbiturates, and phencyclidine (PCP). The most commonly administered drug screening merely requires a urine test. We try to make the experience as seamless and pain-free as possible, but drug tests vary depending on what type of drugs are being tested for and what type of specimens are being collected.

What Our Services Provide

Drug Testing for Corporations in California

A common reason for drug testing in California is testing as a condition of your employment (this includes pre-employment testing, which requires passing a drug test, a condition of your employment, as well as random drug testing throughout employment as a condition of maintaining employment). Employers in California are required to comply with mandatory state-specific rules when administering drug & alcohol tests. 

A drug-free workplace is not a requirement in California; however, employers are strongly encouraged to have a written policy in place pertaining to drug testing. There are some compliance requirements in California surrounding random testing, reasonable suspicion drug testing, and requiring a drug test during off-duty hours. Random testing is to be limited to safety-sensitive employees only. A reasonable suspicion test that is administered without supported evidence is considered an unauthorized random test. Finally, requiring a drug test during off-duty hours is also off-limits. 

Employers in California are able to leverage positive drug tests as a means to prove an employee ineligible for unemployment compensation. It is important to note that California permits the personal adult use and the medical use of marijuana for patients that meet specific medical conditions – marijuana is legal in the state of California. CRC Labs administers drug testing in California for employees of corporations who require such tests. There are many large network drug and alcohol test collection sites throughout California such as CRC Labs drug testing center in Sacramento. CRC Labs offers drug testing in Northern California for pre-employment screenings and more.

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More of Our Services

Personal Drug Testing

Not all drug testing is required by a doctor or employer. Sometimes you may need to schedule a regular drug test screening for personal reasons like holding yourself, or your family member, accountable post-rehabilitation. After undergoing treatment at a rehabilitation facility, it may be difficult to remain on the path of sobriety, and regular drug testing is one way to truly hold yourself accountable. CRC Labs offers regular drug testing for anyone who needs it. We offer testing in the form of urine samples, blood samples and hair samples. This is an encouraging way to remain drug-free, and we highly recommend regular drug screenings for personal purposes.

Trusted Drug Testing in California & Beyond

What to Expect at CRC Labs' Drug Testing in Northern California

Ensuring the accuracy of drug-testing results is critical to CRC Labs drug testing center in Northern California. Prior to testing, make sure to let us know in advance if you are taking any prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines or supplements because they may give you a false positive result for certain illegal drugs. Poppy seeds can also cause positive results for opioids, so be cognizant of this before your drug screening. There are no known physical risks to being tested. Before you take a drug test, we will explain what you are being tested for, why you are being tested and how the results will affect you. Always ask your health provider if you have any questions or concerns surrounding drug testing, and make sure you are aligned with the organization that may have ordered the test to understand the purpose behind it.

If your test results are negative, this means that none of the drugs tested for were found in your system. If your results are positive, this means that one or more of the drugs tested for were found in your body, and the consequences to this vary depending on who ordered the drug test and why. It is important to note that there are false positives that can occur, so if you know you are not taking the drug you tested positive for, you may be able to test again. If you test positive for marijuana in California, where marijuana is legalized, employers may still be able to penalize you if they wish to maintain a drug-free work environment because marijuana is still illegal under federal law.  

Our Location

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Why Choose CRC Labs for Your Drug Testing in California

Here at CRC Labs in Sacramento, California, we understand the importance of the ability of a physician or employee to make timely and evidence-based decisions based on drug testing results. We believe in the use of new technologies that are continuing to improve the productivity levels of our laboratories. CRC Labs provides quick, safe and accurate testing that will help each patient with diagnosing their conditions, and our technicians and physicians are always working together to improve our testing services, adding different kinds of services (such as at-home kits and drive-thru testing) and improving on ways to make our patients feel safe and monitored when entering our facilities. We want to create a seamless, easy and safe experience for those visiting our offices in Sacramento in Northern California. Come visit CRC Labs to receive your drug test results today. 

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