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Food Allergy Testing in Sacramento

In 2021, more people are looking for better at-home methods to avoid visiting doctor’s offices and labs when they don’t need to. This is why at-home food allergy testing is a great option. There are several means of testing for food allergies either at home or at testing centers.

food allergy testing sacramento
food allergy testing sacramento
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Introduction to Allergy Testing at Home

In 2021, more people are looking for better at-home methods to avoid visiting doctor’s offices and labs when they don’t need to. This is why at-home food allergy testing is a great option. There are several means of testing for food allergies either at home or at testing centers. 

Food allergies can be life-threatening, and they occur as an immune system reaction after eating a certain food. Someone with a food allergy can experience symptoms from ingesting the smallest amount of the food, and symptoms can include hives, swollen airways, digestive problems, and more. Depending on how severe the allergy, one may experience a life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis.

According to the CDC, 90 percent of serious allergic reactions in the United States are tied to the following foods: eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, fish, soy, cow’s milk, wheat, and peanuts.

There are various ways to test for food allergies, and some of the tests are listed below.

What Are the Signs You Need a Test?

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At-Home Tests

Food allergy tests rely on testing to see whether your blood produces immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in response to the food. When opting for at-home testing, you will either be asked to issue a skin prick or provide a blood sample that will then be sent off to our labs. At-home testing will avoid fees from an in-person visit, and the directions for administering the tests are made simple and easy to follow.

Skin Prick Tests

Skin prick tests require placing liquid extracts of specific foods on your skin (usually on your arm or back). From there, we use a small tool that lightly pricks the skin to allow some of the liquid to get below the surface. For skin pricks, we leave the area alone for approximately 15-20 minutes and then examine the area closely for any signs of rashes, bumps, etc., and this can help us determine whether you are having an allergic reaction.

Blood Tests

In some cases, we administer blood tests in Sacramento to detect if you have a food allergy. Doctors opt to use blood tests in the case that you are taking medications that might interfere with the results of the skin prick test. From there, we expose the blood sample to different foods to see if it releases IgE antibodies in response to the food. If you and your doctor opt for the blood test, it will take several days to receive results back from the lab to let you know whether you have a food allergy or not.

 Oral Food Tests

Oral food testing must be done under the supervision of your doctor. In what’s called the ‘oral food challenge,’ your healthcare provider will have you ingest a small portion of the food and standby to check for signs of an allergic reaction to the food. Your doctor will continue to serve you larger amounts of the food until you determine that you do not have a reaction, and you are very likely not allergic to that specific food. Some studies note that although this may be the most time-consuming test, it is likely the most accurate test.

Elimination Diet

Elimination diets are often used to test for food sensitivity; however, they can also work for food allergies. This test is when you avoid eating foods for a couple of weeks then reintroduce that food into your diet, slowly and one at a time. This will help you determine which food you are allergic to, and which food gives you a reaction like rashes, upset stomach, vomiting, or a runny nose.

For food allergy testing in Sacramento, California Recovery Center Labs is here to provide you with the best at-home and in-lab tests. We offer all testing options, and depending on your specific case, we will recommend the right testing option for you. We offer the best at-home allergy test for those looking to avoid doctors’ visits and coming into our lab.  Contact us today to discuss food allergy testing and food sensitivity testing kits.

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Understanding Why Custom is Best

Signs You Need to Get Food Allergy Testing in Sacramento

There are several ways people can react to ingesting foods they are allergic to. Some people may experience a less severe reaction that may not be life-threatening, but it is highly uncomfortable. The most common symptoms associated with food allergies that are non-life-threatening are hives, itching, onset of eczema, itching or tingling in the mouth, swollen lips, face, tongue, throat, or other body parts, dizziness, fainting, lightheadedness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, nasal congestion, wheezing and trouble breathing. If you experience any of the listed symptoms, we encourage that you need to see a doctor and determine whether you need to receive food allergy testing.

In some cases, people may have a life-threatening response to certain foods, and after ingesting the food they experience what is called anaphylaxis. This brings about life-threatening symptoms such as constriction and tightening of airways making it difficult to breathe, anaphylaxis shock which brings on a severe drop in blood pressure, rapid pulse, swollen throat, dizziness, lightheadedness, and sometimes loss of consciousness and awareness. These symptoms are extremely serious, and this type of reaction requires immediate emergency response treatment.

Make sure to get the best food allergy test when you have any of the above symptoms on a regular basis. The onset of the above reactions can be prevented by testing for food allergies and avoiding these foods in your diet moving forward. 

Understanding Why You Need to Get Tested

The Best at-Home Allergy Testing Kit

At-home testing is an excellent option for those who are hoping to remain socially distant at this time. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, improvements with at-home testing have been on the rise, and we are here to offer the best at-home food allergy tests for all of our patients.

If you are experiencing symptoms of lightheadedness, rashes, dizziness, bumps, swollen mouth, throat, lips, etc. it is time to test for food allergies. A food allergy can be life-threatening, and that is why it is really important to make sure you receive testing. This will help you better understand what foods to avoid, what foods will make you feel sick, and how you can supplement certain foods out of your diet and include certain other foods into your diet as a replacement. 

CRC Labs is up to date on all of the new technologies with regards to food allergy testing, including at-home test kits, that have been proven to yield accurate results. Our expert medical staff will evaluate your test kits in our labs and provide you with accurate results in a timely manner. We also offer food allergy tests at our laboratory in Sacramento, California for anyone who might prefer to test in person. Come to our testing center or visit our website for more information on at-home food allergy testing options. We are here to make you feel better and live smarter as we determine what might be causing you discomfort and health complications at this time. We look forward to treating you at our lab services in California

food allergy testing sacramento
Trusted Allergy Testing in California & Beyond

How to Find the Best Food Allergy Test

Finding testing services in your area is easy – our testing center at CRC Labs offers the best testing options for food allergy testing in Sacramento. We offer the best at-home test kits that you administer from the comfort of your own home, send to our labs to evaluate, and offer you accurate results in a timely manner.

We also offer food allergy testing at CRC Labs for anyone who thinks they might benefit more from an in-person visit to our team of expert medical professionals. Our staff handles each patient with individualized attention and care, and we always aim to provide accurate and timely results. Come visit CRC Labs, or ask for more information on our at-home food allergy test kits today. We welcome and encourage all of our patients to utilize our testing services to improve their health and improve the way they live their lives.

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