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Food Sensitivity Testing

California Recovery Center Labs is located in Sacramento California, and our medical staff administers food sensitivity test kits to those who think they may be experiencing poor responses to certain foods. At CRC Labs, we offer food sensitivity blood tests and the best food sensitivity at-home test kits.

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Food Sensitivity Testing is a Necessity

Introduction to Food Sensitivity Testing

Experiencing sensitivity and intolerance to certain foods may not always be life-threatening, like with food allergies, however, it can trigger bodily reactions such as incessant headaches, digestive problems, joint pains, and skin problems. Food sensitivities may happen regardless of whether the food is healthy or unhealthy; this is simply your personal reaction to specific foods.

There are a number of tests that are administered for food sensitivities that are different from a food allergy test. The most common test for identifying food sensitivities is by starting with an elimination diet followed by an oral challenge. The elimination diet is when you remove foods from your diet that your body seemingly does not tolerate well. After removing the foods from your diet, you will then reintroduce them one by one over a period of time to determine which food might be causing the sensitivity. This is what’s called the oral challenge.

Cell-based tests are another way to test for food sensitivity, which are blood tests called either Mediator Release Tests (MRT) or Antigen Leukocyte Cellular Antibody Test (ALCAT). The MRT requires a blood sample from the patient, and this will aim to test for reactivity to certain foods. The MRT test will look at your white blood cells, and if your white blood cells shrink when they are exposed to a food antigen, this means that this food may provoke symptoms in your body, determining that you have a food sensitivity. The ALCAT test is similar to the MRT test, and it may be a little less accurate, but it also tests your white blood cells to see if they change in size when exposed to individual food antigens.

Antibody-based blood tests are another means of testing for food sensitivities. These are used to measure your production of immunoglobulin antibodies to specific foods. Although studies are limited, it is believed that if you use this test to evaluate your blood sample twice, with each antigen in side-by-side duplicate testing, this will minimize the margin of error and produce accurate results. 

There are other means of testing for food sensitivity, which include homeopathic techniques such as applied kinesiology and acupuncture, however, there are few studies that have evaluated these techniques for testing for food sensitivity.

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Signs You Need to Get a Test for Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivity is when you experience a negative response to certain foods typically 48-72 hours after ingesting the food, as opposed to food allergies where you will have an immediate reaction. Another key difference between food sensitivity and food allergies is that food sensitivity will not be life threatening whereas food allergies can be.

Symptoms that you have food sensitivity include headaches, migraines, bloating, stomach pain, and gastrointestinal distress. If you notice that you are experiencing symptoms like this on a regular basis with no other outside factors causing these symptoms, it may be time to look into food sensitivity testing. Finding out whether you have food sensitivity is a time-consuming process that may force you to have to take on some lifestyle changes with regards to your eating habits, however eliminating the food that is causing you distress will make you feel better on a daily basis. Therefore, the process is worth it.

If you are experiencing symptoms similar to those listed above, California Recovery Center Labs offers in-office testing as well as at-home testing kits where you can test for food sensitivity in the comfort of your own home. We have the best at-home testing kits for those looking for answers about why they are reacting so poorly to certain foods. A lot of people have celiac disease without realizing it and undergoing testing will bring about peace of mind and will bring about a new way of life for those having reactions to specific foods. Everyone’s body is different, and we, therefore, react differently to certain foods.

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Understanding the Benefits of Getting Tested

What to Do When You Get the Results of Your Food Sensitivity Test Kit

When you receive results from your food sensitivity test kit, it is usually a ‘what now’ kind of reaction to finding out that you do have a food sensitivity. Food sensitivity does not necessarily have a cure, but it can be treated by reducing or eliminating your consumption of the identified trigger food. By eliminating and reducing your intake of the trigger food, your symptoms will be eliminated or reduced.

It is also important that you have clarity about what foods might bring about certain symptoms. The more you are aware of your food sensitivity, the more you can plan on how to feel your best. It is all about finding a balance and maintaining your desired lifestyle. 

A few ways to avoid your trigger foods are by educating yourself. Learn about the ingredients that go into certain dishes. Some dishes have multiple names, so being aware of all the dishes that the food is in will help you order better when you are out at restaurants. Additionally, make sure you share this news with family and friends who may cook meals for you in the future. Some other ways to avoid your trigger food could be by substituting it out for something similar. For example, if you are food sensitive to dairy, there are thousands of dairy-free products out there that taste similar to the products that actually contain dairy. Instead of regular milk, there is almond milk, oat milk, hemp milk, etc. There are also yogurts and ice creams now made with dairy-free ingredients. It is easier now more than ever to substitute your foods out for new products that you may have a better reaction to. There are gluten-free pretzels and bread available to those who are celiac. The list goes on and on. 

Additionally, once you discover your food sensitivity, you can consult with our team at CRC Labs for some expert advice on limiting or eliminating foods from your diet. We have a dedicated staff of expert medical professionals that have experience guiding people with food sensitivity. We are dedicated to being used as a resource for all of our patients.  

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Trusted Food Sensitivity Testing
in California & Beyond

The Best Food Sensitivity Test at-Home Kit

California Recovery Center Labs offers the best at-home test kit for food sensitivity. Our at-home test kits promote social distancing by allowing patients to administer tests from the comfort of their own homes. Our at-home test kits yield accurate results for patients looking to find out if they have a food sensitivity. 

If you are experiencing symptoms such as migraines, headaches, bloating, stomach problems, and/or digestive problems, this may be a sign that you are experiencing food sensitivity. Our at-home test kits make it easier for you to be able to self-determine what foods you have a sensitivity to and what foods you do not. The instructions on how to go about administering at-home testing for food sensitivity are clear and easy to follow, and if you have any questions, please contact our expert staff at California Recovery Center Labs in Sacramento, California.

Here at CRC Labs, we understand the importance of timely and accurate testing using new technologies that help to assist in productivity levels at our labs. New technologies include at-home test kits for food sensitivity for all of our patients in Sacramento. Come visit CRC Labs today to receive your at-home food sensitivity kit, and start to live more balanced, comfortable lives making smarter and healthier food choices for your body. We want to create a seamless, easy and safe experience for our patients in Sacramento in Northern California.

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