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Genetic Testing

We understand the importance of the ability of a physician to make timely and evidence-based decisions that will result in changes in care management for their patients. CRC Labs provides the information required by a physician to start, adjust and also stop a course of treatment. Learn about our genetic testing!

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Learn What Genetic Testing Can Do For You

Introduction to Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a type of medical test that looks for changes, sometimes mutations or variants, in your DNA. There are various reasons why people opt for genetic testing, and the main function of this kind of testing is to determine whether there need to be changed in the medical care you or your family members are receiving. 

Genetic tests tend to look for changes in a person’s genes, chromosomes and proteins in order to uncover genetic conditions that may run through your gene pool that can bring about a change in lifestyle, daily medications and your potential to detect conditions/diseases such as cancer down the line. Some of the most common reasons to get genetic testing include:

  • Learning about your genetics and conditions that might run in the family
  • Finding genetic diseases in unborn babies through prenatal testing
  • Learning about specific genetic factors that could be passed on to your future child (carrier testing)
  • To see whether you are at an increased risk of developing a specific disease/passing on that disease to a future child
  • To figure out how severe a disease you already have is

Our genetic testing in Northern California offers various genetic tests that require either blood or nasal samples.

What Our Services Provide

The Different Services That Fall Under Genetic Testing

 Once you decide to proceed with genetic testing, there are various different requirements for each test, and some of these include a sample of blood, hair, skin, amniotic fluid or other tissue.  After extracting the sample at our California genetic testing center, the sample is then sent to our labs. Here, our technicians will use one of several different techniques to uncover genetic changes or deformities. There is no single genetic test that can detect all genetic conditions. The typical approach to genetic testing is individualized based on you and your family’s medical history and the condition you are looking to be tested for. Some test examples include single gene testing, panel testing, and large-scale genetic testing. Single gene tests look for changes in one gene only, and this form of testing is done when your doctor has an idea that you or your child have symptoms of a specific condition. Single gene testing is also used when there is a known history of a genetic mutation in your family. 

Panel testing looks for changes in many genes within one given test. Panel genetic tests can be grouped into genes that are associated with higher risk factors such as developing certain kinds of cancer (breast cancer, colon cancer, etc.). 

Large-scale genetic testing includes exome sequencing, where we look at all genes in the DNA or just the genes that are related to the medical condition, and genome sequencing, which is the largest genetic test that looks at your entire DNA, not just the genes. These tests are typically ordered by a doctor for people with complex medical conditions/complex family medical history. This type of testing is also used for research purposes to learn more about the genetic causes of certain conditions. CRC Labs in California encourages genetic testing to uncover family conditions.

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Understanding the Benefits of Getting Tested

How Genetic Testing Can Save Your Life

Genetic testing can be really important and can absolutely save your life through uncovering risk factors for specific diseases that run in your family and may not have been on your radar. They say that knowledge is power, and in this case, knowledge can help in both preparation and prevention. 

CRC Labs genetic testing in California allows you to gain a better understanding of your background and uncover potential life-threatening conditions that you may have been previously unaware of. Genetic testing will allow doctors to make astute recommendations for monitoring and treating your condition. Genetic testing also gives you more information to make informed decisions about your health and the health of your family. If you find out that you are at risk for a specific disease, there may be steps to take to lower that risk. For example, if you find out you are at risk for heart disease or diabetes, testing may force you to consider making healthy lifestyle changes with the way you eat, increasing exercise, etc. If, for example, you undergo testing and find that you have the BRCA1 gene (putting you at an increased risk of developing breast cancer down the line), you can take measures to lower this risk. 

There are plenty of examples of genetic tests that have saved lives, and it is important to consider genetic testing as a means of prevention. A test could also give you the necessary information to help you make decisions about having children. Our genetic testing center in Northern California is here to test and eventually guide our patients to making informed decisions about their genetic conditions.

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Trusted Genetic Testing in California & Beyond

Why Choose CRC Labs for Your Genetic Testing in Placer County

Here at CRC Labs, we understand the importance of the ability of a physician to make timely and evidence-based decisions that will result in changes of care management for their patients. Clinical laboratory services, like that of CRC Labs, provide the information required by a physician to start, adjust and also stop a course of treatment. These measures allow for physicians to come to accurate, results-driven conclusions that will provide patients with the most appropriate, cost-effective use of drugs and other therapies while providing patients with the appropriate level of care needed to better their condition. 

We believe in the use of new technologies that are continuing to improve the productivity levels of our laboratories by fighting against new diseases and new disease strains that calls for more testing and more lab work than ever before. CRC Labs provides quick, safe and accurate testing that will help each patient with diagnosing their conditions, and our technicians and physicians are always working together to improve our testing services. When looking for a California genetic testing lab, consider CRC labs. We provide our patients with excellent levels of care as well as accurate test results, and our staff will provide each patient with the information needed to take proper next steps in managing and preventing future diseases.

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