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Heavy Metal Tests

CRC Labs in Sacramento, California offers heavy metal poisoning tests in our labs as well as at-home heavy metal tests. At-home testing is the best option for people who need to be tested but wish to undergo testing from the comfort of their homes – whether it be for convenience or for social distancing. Our expert team will instruct those who opt for at-home testing on how to administer the test, and we offer timely, accurate results for all of our patients.

heavy metal poisoning test
heavy metal poisoning test,
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Introduction to Heavy Metal Poisoning Tests

A heavy metal blood test panel is a group of tests that measures the levels of harmful metals that may be present in a person’s bloodstream. There are several ways heavy metals can show up in your system. Heavy metals can get into the system by breathing them in, absorbing them through the skin, or by eating contaminated foods. Heavy metals can be found in food, the environment, medicines, and sometimes water. The effects of heavy metal getting into your system can be really critical to your health – it can cause severe health complications including organ damage, memory loss, behavioral changes, and the inability to think clearly. The symptoms of heavy metal poisoning vary with the type of metal you are exposed to as well as the amount of heavy metal that is present in your system. 

The most commonly tested-for heavy metals include lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium, and other rarely tested-for metals include zinc, copper, aluminum, and thallium. When testing for heavy metals, the tests are used to figure out which metal you have been exposed to and how much is currently in your system. The tests will expose whether you were acutely or chronically exposed, and testing helps to guide the management of treatment for heavy metal poisoning. Based on the results of your diagnosis, testing is also used to monitor the effectiveness of chelation therapy, which is the treatment that rids the body of high concentrations of heavy metals in the body.

Heavy metal tests involve samples of body fluids including blood drawn from the arm, urine, hair, nail, or tissue. In preparation for the test, you are not supposed to eat seafood for at least 48 hours before collection of the body fluid sample.

Healthcare practitioners and doctors may recommend you take a test if you have an occupation that involves working with metals, a hobby that may expose you to them, if you are experiencing clinical symptoms or if you suspect you’ve had exposure to heavy metals. Lead testing is usually ordered no matter what, especially when children are involved because they are extremely susceptible to the side effects of lead exposure. If you test and receive results that show you are clinically indicated, additional testing may be encouraged. 

The results of the test will be interpreted by your physician, and they will indicate which metals you may have been exposed to along with the level of exposure. A low level of heavy metals that may exist does not mean that you haven’t been excessively exposed to those metals. Oftentimes, heavy metals do not remain in the blood or present themselves in urine until long after exposure. Additionally, heavy metals tend to build up in the system over time and periods of exposure. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), levels of mercury in blood and urine tend to increase in your system with age. Sometimes, a measurable amount of mercury may not always indicate that you will experience the side effects of heavy metal poisoning.

What Are the Signs You Need a Test?

Signs You Need to Get a Heavy Metal Lab Test

If you have a job or a hobby that exposes you to heavy metals, doctors may advise that you receive periodic testing. Otherwise, you should get tested when you are showing signs and symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, or if you suspect you may have been exposed to one or more heavy metals. Signs and symptoms may vary with regards to heavy metal poisoning because there are different side effects based on the level of exposure to heavy metals as well as which metal you’ve been exposed to.

Some of the reported signs and symptoms of heavy metal poisoning include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, liver damage, kidney damage, nervous system issues such as tingling hands or feet, numbness and weakness, lung damage such as irritation or fluid accumulation, brain dysfunction or memory loss, changes in behavior, developmental delays in children, weakened bones, or miscarriage/premature labor in pregnant women.

Signs and symptoms of heavy metal exposure often vary in the type of metal and the quantity of metal in the system. For the best at-home test for metal toxicity, visit California Recovery Center Labs for more information. Our labs are located in Northern California, and we have the best staff of medical experts to help with testing and offering help after your diagnosis.

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How to Find the Best Test for Heavy Metal Toxicity

After you think that you’ve been exposed to toxic heavy metals, or if you are experiencing symptoms of potentially toxic metal exposure, it is important to get tested somewhere that can offer you accurate results. Heavy metal testing is not done routinely at your doctor’s office, and testing is often done at reference laboratories. This is why California Recovery Center is the best place for you to be tested for heavy metal poisoning. 

Heavy metal testing is not done frequently, and it is not something that is offered in the everyday annual blood test. This type of testing is critical for workers who expose themselves to potentially harmful metals at their jobs such as industries that manufacture products with cadmium, lead, and/or mercury, which is used in batteries, or arsenic that is used in pesticides. Heavy metal poisoning is also common in people who work agricultural jobs where they need to clean up contaminated environmental sites. Additionally, mechanics who work with car batteries are also at risk for exposure to heavy metal poisoning. 

For accurate and reliable testing, California Recovery Center Labs is here to perform heavy metal testing for all of our patients. Come visit our center today to be tested and to receive timely results.

heavy metal poisoning test,
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Our At-Home Test for Heavy Metals in the Body

California Recovery Center Labs also offers and encourages our at-home testing kits for metal toxicity. It is important to our staff that we recognize that patients may not wish to come into our offices to receive testing due to time constraints, long travel, or for those who are uncomfortable visiting doctors’ offices or laboratories at this time. We want our patients to feel comfortable getting tested, and therefore we encourage that you order our at-home testing kits that are easy to use and offer accurate results.

If our patients are more inclined to test from the comfort of their own homes, then we want to make this option readily available. California Recovery Center Labs is a testing laboratory located in Northern California, and our expert medical staff is here to answer any questions you may have with regards to at-home testing as well as to give our expert advice on your test results. CRC Labs provides quick, safe, and accurate testing that will help each patient with diagnosing their conditions, and our technicians and physicians are always working together to improve our testing services, adding different kinds of services (such as at-home kits and drive-thru testing) and improving upon how to make our patients feel safe and monitored when administering at-home tests or when entering our facilities.

If you or someone you know is suffering from any of the signs or symptoms of heavy metal exposure, it is important that you get tested today. Getting tested will offer you further insight into the level of exposure you have experienced and how you can treat heavy metal poisoning most effectively. Our lab services in California are here to offer at-home testing, in-house testing, and even drive-thru testing.

Signing up for CRC laboratory services in Northern California is simple. Patients can schedule their testing services through our website by booking an online appointment, or patients can reach us directly at (916) 566-5856.

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