There are currently two different forms of COVID-19 testing. One test is a COVID rapid test that may take only minutes to get back the results from, whereas the other test may take days to get back the results. Although no test is 100% accurate at all times, some tests are proven more effective than others. Here at CRC Labs, we want to provide the general public with the correct information about the different forms/types of COVID testing. Today we’d like to discuss what a rapid COVID test is, what a PCR COVID test is, and why you should get a PCR COVID test. 

What Is a Rapid COVID Test?

A rapid COVID-19 test is a type of test that is done with a nasal or throat swab. These tests detect a protein that is part of the coronavirus. The rapid COVID test is usually helpful in identifying when the infection is at peak in an individual. Rapid tests are also considered antigen tests, which means if the coronavirus is replicating itself while the rapid test is taking place, there may not be enough protein to be detected by this test. 

Although the rapid tests are less expensive and results are received faster, they can also be less accurate than a PCR test. This test is generally used for individuals who are showing symptoms of COVID-19. There is now a rapid test available that is highly accurate for diagnosing COVID-19 and flu viruses. The results of this test take only around 20 minutes to get back. 

What Is a PCR COVID Test?

A PCR COVID test is considered to be a polymerase chain reaction test that is used to detect genetic material from an organism such as a virus. This type of COVID-19 test will detect the presence of the virus as long as the individual is infected with the virus at the time that the test was performed. This means if you tested negative at the time of the test that doesn’t necessarily mean you are COVID-19 negative now. 

The PCR test for COVID-19 is said to be the most accurate and reliable test available now for people to take. The PCR test uses special chemicals and a PCR machine called a thermal cycle that causes a reaction to occur which makes millions of copies of a small portion of COVID-19’s genetic material. The chemicals have a reaction and then produce a fluorescent light if COVID-19 is present within that sample. This signal is detected in a machine which then interprets the positive test result. 

Why You Should Get a PCR COVID Test

As stated previously, the PCR COVID test is the most accurate and reliable COVID test, so this is one of the main reasons you should get this test if you believe you have COVID-19 or need to travel. This test is to be taken if you are suffering from an infection, think you may have been exposed to COVID, but not to look for antibodies. Although this test does not provide the test results as fast as the rapid test, it does not take too long to receive the results back. On average you may receive your COVID test results back between 48 to 72 hours. 

How CRC Labs Can Help

Here at CRC Labs, we are currently offering PCR COVID tests to the general public. To book an appointment, you are welcome to use this link. COVID-19 is currently being spread throughout the entire world. It is extremely contagious and can cause serious health complications in certain individuals. It’s imperative everyone does whatever it takes to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. One of the best things to do is to frequently get COVID-19 tested. For more information regarding COVID-19, please refer to the CDC website

Please reach out to us today at CRC Labs to get your PCR COVID test! 

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