With the start of the new year, many hoped this would be a new era for the pandemic; consisting of less restrictions and a reduced number of COVID-19 cases. However, as the Omicron variant continues its rapid sweep across the globe, it is becoming evident this will not be the case; at least not for the immediate future. As offices reopen, returning to work during Omicron is a concern to many employees.

Onsite Work

Since the Omicron outbreak, we’ve seen the return of former distancing recommendations and work-from-home protocols. So, what should you do if you are unable to work remotely and find yourself returning to onsite work? Due to its highly contagious nature, people experiencing any symptoms (such as cough and fever) are encouraged to get tested immediately. One case of Omicron within an office for example, can easily contract to the entire staff, so it is important to act quickly.

Importance of COVID-19 Testing

There is still a frequent question of whether Omicron can be detected by a regular COVID test. The answer is yes! A regular PCR Test can detect both Omicron and Delta variants. Since this variant is the most transmissible of the COVID-19 virus to date, it is especially important to get tested and follow your workplace’s safety protocols. It is also recommended by the CDC to upgrade the type of mask you use in your daily life. As a more transmissible virus that spreads through the smallest droplets and particles, it is important to have a well-fitting mask (covering both your nose and mouth) to protect against transmission.  

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is important to get tested immediately to ensure the safety of your coworkers. CRC Labs is offering drive-up testing for your convenience. You can make an appointment on our website to schedule your PRC Test.  

Need tests for your employees, events, and clients? Explore CRC Labs COVID-19 Testing Corporate Package. Send us an email at info.lab@calrclabs.com.

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