We have seen a changing virus over the last two years. The ever-morphing COVID-19 is now in its second variation, with the public holding their breath to see if a third is on the way. Due to its constant fluctuation, health practitioners and scientists are constantly developing new ways to tackle and prevent the virus. To combat a fluctuating threat, for defense against it must change as well.  But some people are uncomfortable to take nasal swab test because of the nature of its collection process. Saliva-based testing is a great addition to the list of COVID-19 testing options. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, nasal tests typically require patients to spit into a tube, making them far less invasive than the current nose and throat swab collection methods for COVID-19. For those seeking an alternative, here are some advantages of nasal-based COVID-19 test.

Safe for Children 

Saliva-based testing is recommended for children, due to its non-invasive and easy collection process. Quick and effective, this FDA approved test does not challenge children’s patience or compromise their comfort. 

Painless and Convenient

Another advantage of nasal-based COVID-19 test is that patients no longer need to worry about discomfort during the testing process. The nasal-based collection process makes testing painless. With no nasal swabbing involved, the collection process is non-invasive and self-administered, requiring a simple nasal collection in a test tube.  

Lower Risk

Patients are at lower risk of exposure during the nasal based testing process as well. Because patients have the ability to administer the test themselves, they no longer have to be face-to-face with a health care worker; decreasing the risk of COVID-19 exposure for both parties.  

Book Your COVID-19 Test Today

If you need to be tested for COVID-19 and would like to try a nasal-based test, book your appointment with CRC Labs today! You can book ahead or make a same day appointment. All of our testing is curbside for your convenience.   

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