Omicron reached the U.S. in late November and already accounts for most COVID cases. Highly contagious with subtle symptoms, it can be tricky to detect and effect both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals. Omicron can disguise itself as the common cold or a mild flu, with most patients reporting feeling fatigue, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, and headache at onset. This is the reason why many are still wondering if it is already safe to travel.

The Importance of Testing 

Most of us have been waiting for the day travel bans are lifted and we can get back outside. Those dreams are much closer now that all most airlines require is proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test before flying. Whether you’ve exhibited symptoms prior to travel or not, most airlines require proof of a negative test. If you are planning to travel, make an appointment today at CRC Labs for a drive-up PCR test, so you can go safely!  

How to Enjoy Your Trip Safely 

Once you’ve booked your flight, received your negative results, and are ready to make your way to a long-awaited vacation, there are some key safety tips to keep in mind.   

  • Get a Boost: It is highly recommended to get a booster shot to further protect yourself against the highly contagious Omicron variant. Check your vaccination card to see if you’re able to get a booster before your trip.  
  • Mask Up: Wherever your traveling, make sure to wear a mask indoors and when in close contact with others.  
  • Be Choosy: It’s wonderful to be able to travel again, but that doesn’t mean every event or gathering is worth the risk. Be discerning when it comes to the type of interactions you engage in during your trip and decide whether the risk outweighs the benefits.  
  • Re-Test: It is recommended to test again once returning from your destination, as many fully vaccinated individuals are asymptomatic. You can pre-schedule an appointment at CRC Labs for your return. 

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